Indicators System

The selection of indicators presents in SDIMED viewer is the result of long processes of analysis and diagnosis of the med territory. The role of indicators is the primary key to start all the public policies that can make a good connection between technical - scientific knowledge and public decision domains in Mediterranean area. In order to that Otremed have implemented a set of indicators of shared relevance in the Mediterranean Basin witch can help to addressing not only the public policies of intervention for sustainable development, but also the use and development of other derived indicators in order to improve public policies.

It have been proposed a list of 57 indicators by Otremed project presented in 11 key topics / challenges:

1. Revitalisation of the urban system
2. Research and development
3. Crisis of rural
4. Access to transport
5. Access to information and communication technologies
6. Sustainable energy
7. Disaster related risk prevention and management of natural resources
8. Management of cultural resources
9. Sustainability of regional economic resources
10. Governance
11. Landscape Management.

This list of indicators constitutes a methodology for using data through an organised and selective approach, aiming at setting policies for growth and development in a wide context (economic, environmental, social and cultural), this list of indicators will make it possible to measure the territorial competitiveness.

Otremed indicators table

Pilot Projects Indicators

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